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bringing contemporary music and arts to the widest possible audience

Spectacular Events

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Eye Music Trust runs very many different kinds of public events with the aim of attracting the widest possible audience to contemporary music and art.

Alongside our Colourscape festivals and events we run events in Art Galleries, public open spaces, urban settings and even on the sea! Our intention is always to excite public awareness and draw people to unusual events where they will experience new kinds of art forms.

On the following pages you will find information about Music of the Spheres - Symphonies of Bells - new kinds of Symphonies of Elemental Forces and Art Gallery shows.

We aim to work with local partners - festivals - councils - other events organisers - to encourage maximum public participation.

If you are a venue or council please contact us via our contact form and we can discuss the new imaginative Spectacular Events that we can create for you.

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