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Our programmes for 2019 will be listed below in our Diary pages from April when our venues are fully confirmed. Events are proposed for Wembley (early May), Midland Arts Centre (mid May), Waddesdon Manor (Whitsun), Winchester, Beckenham, Liverpool (July), Lewes (August) and our 30th Anniversary Festival on Clapham Common (Sept 14 to 22). Last year's events are listed below for interest.

Please check our Facebook page and Twitter feed (see bottom of page) for up-to-date changes and any cancellations due to weather or other issues.

The Event Calendar gives you a month by month overview of the events that we are running, along with the venue and opening times. You can see more details about any particular event by clicking on one of the links in the Event Detail section just below the Calendar.

There is also more information about access, disability, and opening during bad weather at the bottom of this page.

To see more detail in the information panel for each date, position your cursor over the text, and use your scroll wheel.


Event Detail

For detailed information on individual events, click on the related link below…
May 17th to 20th. Colourscape at Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
May 26th to June 3rd Waddesdon Colourscape Festival;
Saturday June 23rd Colourscape at Sevenoaks Festival;
Sunday July 1st Colourscape at Winchester Hat Fair;
Friday July 6th SN Symphony of the Senses, Croydon;
Saturday July 14th/Sunday July 15th 2018 Buckfastleigh Colourscape Festival;
Saturday July 21st/Sunday July 22nd Corby Colourscape Festival;
Saturday July 21st at 8pm MUSIC OF THE SPHERES in Corby;
August 11th & 12th Colourscape at Bristol Balloon Fiesta;
August 20th to 29th Bath Colourscape Festival;
September 15th to 23rd Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham Common;


Colourscape Information

* Colourscape is fully wheelchair accessible and our team are always on hand to help with access to and moving around the structure.

* Colourscape is suitable for all ages from babies to 100 year-olds. We normally have a policy that children under two are free but that might change with some venues.

* We don’t believe that there are any problems for those with epilepsy as Colourscape is a full daylight structure. People with severe claustrophobia might have difficulty, although some sufferers have conquered their fears in Colourscape due to the strong colour experience and the many team members on hand to help.

* Colourscape has a 100% safety record due to our experienced team, the windbreak that can be seen running around the structure, and our regular maintenance programmes.

* Colourscape opens in all weather conditions except for strong winds (check our Twitter feed below). Rain doesn’t stop play!!


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