Eye Music

aims to bring contemporary music and arts to the widest possible public.

By creating new environments and using public spaces, by linking music, colour, light, space and movement, we give new dimensions to public perception and new understanding of contemporary music and performing arts.

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Events, Workshops, Performances, Other Events

Eye Music Trust presents events, workshops, public open-space performances and art gallery shows throughout the UK and abroad. All of our events involve music and sound linked with colour, light and space.

The most well-known of our activities are the Colourscape Music Festivals, and you'll find extensive pages of information about these events on this site, including our current programme on the DIARY page.

We also run a number of other open-air performances and art gallery installations.

Through educational programmes we seek to broaden participation in the arts through natural enjoyment and exploration of colour, light, sound and movement. We also run interactive sound/light workshops for Children with Special Educational Needs, and for the Elderly in Care Homes.

We are constantly developing new ideas with the support of many other partners. You can find information for composers about our commissioning process, and how performers should apply to us on our Commissions page.

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