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Fabulous Sound Machines

(and other magical experiences)

Giant sails, with coloured lighting

Fabulous Sound Machines is a gallery of new and invented “instruments” played by the public, who create their own impromptu ensembles.

In 2000 Eye Music Trust was contacted by Liverpool Museum to create a new art gallery experience for the Millennium Year.  Fabulous Sound Machines was born.  We created a journey through colour and sound with large fabric “sails” and computer-controlled colour-mixed light.

The public controlled the colour and music by moving in the space, plucking harp-like strings or “playing” sensors.

More recently, we created an installation for the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham. Several of the pieces have remained as part of a permanent installation. The video below gives you a taste…

Other artists and musicians contribute to the Fabulous Sound Machines experience with many different “instruments”, both low and high tech – a Bottle Organ, a “harpsichord” with an Aladdin’s Cave of objects instead of strings, slate instruments, giant bellows and pipes, steel rods, a giant pendulum etc…….

Since 2000 there have been 13 Fabulous Sound Machines exhibitions in the UK and abroad reaching many thousands of people.

You can find information about any upcoming exhibitions on our What’s On page.

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