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Saturday March 16th

In Hat Factory Arts Centre

Composer/musician David Stevens leads unique workshops in colour, light and music that YOU create yourself.....

Drop in to our unique Colour/Music Sensory Installation and create your own world of colour and music through movement.

Large fabric "sails" fill the space and reflect and mix colours and light that you, the public, create yourselves. Our resident composer, David Stevens, will show you how to create whole orchestras of sound with just the movement of your hands, feet - or literally any part of your body - moving over special infra-red sensors.
Sound-paintings can also be played by moving your hands over the surface and you can “paint” rainbows of colour around the space.

LOCATION: Hat Factory Arts Centre, 67 Bute St, Luton LU1 2EY

TIMES: 12 to 4pm - Drop in anytime!