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Music of the Spheres at CAST Theatre, Doncaster

Saturday June 19th

A spectacular Outdoor Event with performances designed for the “new normal” of social distancing

There will be three events in each show presented throughout the afternoon. The highlight of each performance will be Music of the Spheres with a giant Sphere the size of a four-storey building inflated on the square outside CAST theatre

Each show starts with dancers and musicians within land-based Spheres moving around the audience - a perfect way for a performance to be “socially-distanced” and a great theatrical spectacle.

The middle part of the show features performances on unusual and sculptural instruments from around the world with musicians playing under a large sculptural canopy. Michael Ormiston is one of Europe’s top exponents of Mongolian Overtone Singing. You will hear amazing whistling music above a drone all created within one voice. Michael also plays Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mongolian Horsehead Fiddle and a wide range of other instruments from the Far East.

The finale of each show is “Music of the Spheres”. Composed and played by Simon Desorgher on the flute, the performance all takes place within giant Spheres and Domes. The flute player is inside a land-based Sphere with a radio microphone transmitting the music to Eye Music Trust co-Director, Lawrence Casserley who transforms the flute sound into a whole orchestra on his computer while inside a transparent Dome.

Meanwhile a giant Sphere the size of a four-storey building with aerial dancer Claire Crook inside, spinning and spiralling on silks suspended from the centre.

See CAST Theatre website for full admission details click HERE

LOCATION: Outside CAST Theatre Doncaster DN1 3BU.

TIMES:12 noon - 2pm - 4pm