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Education is a major part of the work of Eye Music Trust through our Colourscape Music Festivals and in-school workshops, with musicians, artists, dancers and poets. In the Education pages you can find information about our workshops, download pages of colour experiments, and music workshops ideas.

We run workshops at all ages and abilities from Nursery through to Art College.  Our workshops support the National Curriculum through art, colour and light, acoustics, active music-making, composition, improvisation and science.

Special Needs groups particularly benefit from the intense light, colour and music in our Colourscape structures.

And with our computer-controlled Colour/Music Sensory Space we run workshops and experience weeks for children across the whole spectrum of special educational needs, from PMLD through to ASD.

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As well as our established Colourscape workshop series, Eye Music Trust also runs longer workshop series in schools based on: Music and sculpture; Nursery music education; Special Needs music workshops. We also run music workshops in Care Homes, along with our Interactive Sensory Space.

NEW from 2017 - Eye Music Trust have developed a permanent installation....our Creative/Sensory Pod.  This enables schools to have a full Sensory Room with all of the interactive aspects of our workshop programmes at a cost-effective budget. 

Eye Music Trust is a Supporter of the Arts Award Scheme.  Our workshops are particularly suitable for those working towards the “Explore” level.  Click on our Arts Award page for more info.

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