Every Colourscape Music Festival includes workshops run within Colourscape, usually on weekdays in the school term.

A popular format for workshops at Key Stage Two and Three is a two-hour morning or afternoon session suitable for up to 60 pupils. When the pupils arrive on the Colourscape site they are divided into two groups: one group begin with a colour workshop while the other start with music.

The colour group spend an hour in Colourscape working with artists and teachers to discover how colour and light shape our lives; our thinking; our emotions. The workshops are pupil-led, with the leaders mainly asking questions for the group to find answers by discovery and exploration. The workshops link from art to science with practical experiments into after-images, colour-mixing, the differences between reflected and emitted light, how colour affects our emotions, links between colour and shape, colour and sound.

The music group work with percussion, voice, musical instrument design, improvisation or composition depending on the particular workshop leaders that day. The music workshops are always totally participatory and the pupils will usually work towards a finished performance by the end of their hour.

Nursery and Key Stage One pupils usually find a one-hour workshop will stretch their attention-span. Nursery and young children are particularly responsive to colour and light. They see after-images and colours far more strongly than older people and respond in a very natural way to links made with music and dance.

Special Needs pupils and adults gain strong benefit from Colourscape. For those with profound learning disability or sensory deprivation the intense colour and light in Colourscape is a great therapy. Autistic pupils particularly respond. For those with a less acute disability we tailor our workshops to their ability wherever possible bringing music into the learning. Colourscape is totally wheelchair accessible but we ask that all wheelchair users are accompanied by a carer to help move through the space.

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AASUPPORTERRGBEye Music Trust supports the work of schools and organisations in providing for Arts Awards. Our workshops are particularly suitable for those working towards the “Explore” level.

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