Mobile Sensory Space

From 2011 Eye Music Trust has been developing a new educational installation.

Our “mobile” Sensory Colour/Music Space has been designed for

  • educational work linking colour, music, science and art for all ages and abilities
  • as a therapeutic space for the elderly in care homes, and special educational needs.

Based around ideas from our Fabulous Sound Machines exhibition, Colourscape workshops and our computer-music special educational needs workshops, the “mobile” Sensory Space is based on creating a soft, enclosing fabric space within any room in a school, care home or other venue.

Primary-coloured LED lights mix all the colours of the rainbow onto the surfaces of the fabric “sails”, surrounding the participants in colour and sound.

Infra-red and movement sensors developed for our SEN computer-music work control both music and colour so that the participants can control the whole experience. Alternatively, the software can control lights and sound to create a calm, relaxing space.

There are several educational uses of the new Sensory Space:

  • Many Special Educational Needs schools do not have their own sensory room. Our “mobile” Sensory Space will give the opportunity for those schools to have the experience of their own sensory space but the added benefit of active participation by the students. Our Sensory Space would also be a cost-effective way for SEN schools to have their own Sensory Room installed permanently.
  • Our work with Elderly people with Dementia has shown great benefits from the use of strong colour and light combined with music. We are developing a specific computer programme for these people – both therapeutic and creative.

For Primary schools developing their own art or science weeks the “mobile” Sensory Space can be installed, and workshops run by artists and musicians linking theories of colour, light, perception, music, acoustics, instrument-building and computer music..

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